Print server obstinately invisible

I have an old d-link DP-300 print server - from when Netware was king - and am trying to get it to work with XP.

I had no clue as to its last assigned IP address (I know it once had one) but I could still read its MAC address so I tried
arp -s x-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx [/code:1:eb6bbd0351]
... but got no feedback from the command, if it gives any.
... then [code:1:eb6bbd0351]arp -a [/code:1:eb6bbd0351]
... showed that at least my machine was holding onto the PS's new IP address.

Telnet failed, to both the newly given IP address and any default d-link addresses I could glean or dream up.

DP-300s were normally configured with a utility PS-Admin that only ran under IPX, so I installed IPX on my box, ran my new PS-Admin copy... and it failed to see the PS!

Ran Ethereal and could see the PS hammering out SA queries, so it was definitely talking to the network if not letting on if it could see it.

Have done all this with multiple re-starts, resets, etc.

Apart from the obvious - that the DP-300 might have brain damage - is there any other action that could bring the little sod to life?

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  1. Can you find a manual for it on the Internet? Or how to reset it to factory defaults? How bad do you want to use it? You can get a cheap no-name print server for $40.
  2. Thank you for responding, SciFiMan.
    Yes, I've downloaded the manual to bolster what I know already of it.
    Factory defaults can only be set after it recognises the presence of it (no litle hole/button to press).
    arp -s <new address> <MAC address>[/code:1:c7e9d6a09d] doesn't change it - I could have sworn it did the trick on other machines - it only adds the <new address> to my machines tables.


    I would _like_ one but don't _need_ one...
    What el cheapo print server can I get for $40? It might be worth importing it to the UK at that price.

    Thanks again,

  3. What does the router dhcp log show?
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