2 SATA hdd with SMART, one temperature


Till yesterday i had only one hdd in my computer a WD800JB SATA1 (channel 0)(80Gb). SMART function is ok.

Now i bought a WD2500KS SATA2 (250 gb). I mounted a jumper to my new hdd to enable SATA1 work mode because my SIL3112 SATA controller is limited to SATA150 and i installed on channel 2

Now with both HDD's in my computer the problems begins
SpeedFan detects both hdd's and show only one temperature, the one from WD2500KS. In fact both hdd's are detected by SpeedFan as WD2500KS, only the capacity from these is real.

What should I do? I changed my system bios to a new version but with no use. I also change my sata drivers to silicon image 2 port 3112 v1.0.56.1
but still no use.

How can I convince my system to show the temp of each hdd and also the SMART informations. SMART is enabled in my BIOS.

Pls if everyone knows something pls let me know

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  1. The BIOS is probably just reporting it incorrectly. Report this issue to your motherboard manufacturer and see what they have to say about it.
  2. I forget to mention my mobo model. It's Epox 8rda3+ nFroce2 base model with Sil3112 SATA\RAID controller - 2 port 150Mbps/s
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