OC'ing E4300 on a Gigabyte GS3, very poor video performance

I haven't overclocked anything since a Celeron 300 so be gentle, this is long but as detailed as I could get.

I originally put together this system:

E4300 C2D
2 gigs Corsair XMS2 800mhz ram
Foxconn P965 board w/ ICH8R
Foxconn 8800GTS OC'd to 576mhz(from Foxconn)
XClio 500 Watt Goodpower Powersupply
2 Seagate 7200.10 250 Gig drives in RAID0
Asus 16X SATA DVD-Reader
Lite On 16X SATA DVD-Writer
Vista Home Premium with all stock drivers except for the Nvidia driver

The specs for the power supply are:


The system ran perfect but I found out that the Foxconn board does not have a PCI lock and I couldn't go over 2.1ghz.

I replaced it with a DS3 and its overclocking has been pretty impressive. I just turned the ram speed upto 266, booted at 2.4ghz and it ran great.

I played Supreme Command for a few minutes and it ran perfect.

I downloaded the Nvidia Adrianne demo and loaded it. It ran at a snails pace. I then downloaded Froggy and Cascades, which also ran at a snails pace.

So I bumped the ram speed upto 333 and it booted perfect at 2.98ghz, then I tried again at 340 and 3.06ghz.

Went back in and played Supreme Commander, at 3.06ghz and it again ran perfectly.

I then downloaded the rthdribl HDR demo. It ran OK in a window, and it ran OK when I stretched it to fill the screen. I run a 22" Viewsonic at 1680x1050.

Here is the odd part, when I hit within a couple of pixels of full screen I went from 60fps to 9fps.

I thought something might be wrong so here is my results from Sandra and from rthdribl at varying resolutions:

16551 MIPS
11563 MFLOPS

200fps avg 640x480
88fps avg 1660x965
47fps avg 1680x980

21935 MIPS
15321 MLOPS

106fps avg 640x480
64fps avg 1660x962
10fps avg 1680x980

27393 MIPS
19109 MLOPS

112fps avg 640x480
67fps avg 1660x965
10fps avg 1680x980

So the processor is for sure running faster but everything else is slowing down.

I think Supreme Command runs OK because its technically not full screen. It only renders the center portion which on my monitor I'd guess to be around 1550x768 or so with the border.

The only other demo I could find that ran in a window was the Nvidia Smoke demo and it gave me the same results. Ran find in its small window, ran fine in the large window but when I got within a few pixels of few screen it dropped like a rock.

I've read about PS's causing this but this Xclio seems to be upto the task and I've used them for a long time without problems but again never overclocking.

I'm so close...plus its only running at like 38c so I have even more headroom to go.

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  1. I had a similar problem OCing an E6600. My problem was that the PCIE link went from 16x to 1x (whatever that means.. me noob). Suggest you check this in CPU-z (assume you have downloaded this) mainboard tab.

    Solutions for me were to EITHER increase MCh +0.1 OR to increase PCIE frequency from 100 to 102. Both worked... as increase OCing though may need to bring MCh irrespective of early success with just using PCIE freq. (Note that just increasing core Volts didn;t help witb this problem for me.)

  2. THANK YOU!!!

    Set the MCH to +.1v and everything flies now.

    I am extremely happy with the setup since the chip breezes along at 3ghz with not even a single hiccup.
  3. Just an update on the rthdribl performance once it was fixed:

    640x480 242fps avg
    1680x960 48fps avg

    I also now notice Supreme Commander wasn't running as well as it should have. With the MCH fix I now can run 4x AA whereas before when I jumped past 2X performance took a noticeable dive.

    Adrianne and the Froggy demo run great too but even Adrianne is a bit much for a OC'd GTS.

    I'm wondering what else there will be to buy once the new DX 10 games come out. I've seen some previews for some performance numbers on DX10 and where a comparable DX9 game will get near 100fps a DX10 game will get around 35-40 on a 8800GTS.

    As a byproduct my crackling from the AC888 audio also went away. A lot of people are complainging about cracking audio on their DS3's, wonder if this might play into it.
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