FSB:RAM 1:2 - any advantage ?

is there any advantage of having your RAM at 2:1 ratio to FSB ? I've read tons of times that it is best to keep RAM synchronous to CPU, thus having it at 1:1 but... my understanding is that it doesn't have to be 1:1, just for every CPU clock there should be corresponding RAM clock (not really achievable in desktop computing - unless someone has (Q)X6800 coupled with >1066 MHz RAM, but very possible in laptops since Meroms have slow FSB)

so, is there any advantage of 2:1 FSB:DRAM ? I hope someone can answer my question :)

my system:
mobile Core 2 Duo (Merom) T5500, 10 x 166 MHz
DRAM - DDR2 667 - 2 x 333 MHz
FSB : DRAM - 2:1

EDIT: just checked on Wiki - T5x00 and T7x00 are "platform matched" with DDR2 667, but it doesn't answer my question :)

EDIT2: title mistake... damn
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  1. I assume you are really talking about a FSB:RAM ratio of 1:2 (the RAM running faster than the FSB). Yes, that will give better performance than 1:1. Here's some test data on different RAM speeds: http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&number=1&artpage=1962&articID=472
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