Getting error "Error:OE:0028:FF03B779"

I just bought an Acer Asphire 5672WLMi laptop
and tried installing ME after formatting
the hard drive and I get the following error message:

Error: OE : 0028 : FF03B779

This error ocurrs afterME searches for hardware and
plug and play devices.
The laptop is bare, and no other peripherals are attached to
the laptop. What does this mean and what could be causing this.

Thanks for the Help
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  1. Hmmm...I think this error is telling you to install Windows Xp Professional instead...thats what I'd do!
  2. :D In all seriousness, I woud say it is a memory error...
  3. be more specific man
    what type error
    when does it come up
    in what form
    what's the full extent of the error message
  4. What is going on here? Either you have posted the same quiestion in multiple forum websites or your copying other peoples problems.
    Look here - Egghead site
    - Techspot
    - Lockergnome
    - Wugnet

    Theres more but I think you'll get the point.
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