Blue screen of death screwed up my desktop

Ok, today, the computer hasn't been on for over a few month. So far, in an hour while playing games and listening to music, it suddenly gives me blue screen of death. The screen was saying that I needed to update my BIOS. The problem is that, when I tried to restart, it just shown Gigabyte logo with two options, but both of them doesn't work, and it just froze when booted. How can I update my BIOS when I can't even boot it up?

I can't say much about the motherboard, but all I now is that it is used and made by Gigabyte.

I'll think about that solution, since it hasn't appeared in a while.
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  1. You need to create a bootable floppy or CD with the updated BIOS and whatever flash program needed to do the update.

    You may also want to take a look at that motherboard and ensure there aren't any bulging / leaking capacitors.
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