Can't Install HD with SATA Card

Hey guys,

I just got a PCI SATA card in the mail yesterday and am having some trouble installing my Samsung SATA hard drive with it.

I installed the drivers correctly and everything but when I attach the hard drive and try to start up WinXP, it freezes on the WinXP loading screen. This only happens when I have the hard drive attached to the PCI SATA card, not just because I installed the drivers.

Here's a link to my card

Anyone know what I might be doing wrong? I have it installed correctly, the hard drive is turning on and spinning so I know it has power going to it and it's not dead, and the hard drive is SATA I and the SATA controller is SATA I. so I don't think there's a compatibility issue. One thing to note though is that I don't have the the jumper for my hard drive, but I shouldn't even need those for an SATA hard drive to work right? They only control things like the speed.

Any help is appreciated
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  1. When drives start connecting through a different SATA (or IDE) controller chip, this problem occurs. The problem occurs not because or the lack of (or wrong) driver for the drive itself, but because of a lack of, or wrong driver for the controller. This is why when you take a hard drive with a working OS on it, upgrade your motherboard and then re-mount and try to boot from the drive, it won't work. Only way to fix that problem is to either to do a repair install (which doesn't always work) or backup your data, format, and do a clean install.
  2. Okay, but I don't understand how a clean install would fix this. If the controller does not recognize or work with my drive currently, I don't understand how reinstalling windows would fix that. I'm not trying to install windows on the new hard drive, I'm just trying to add it for additional storage.

    Also, I reinstalled a new set of drivers for the card and I am now able to get past the windows loading screen after a 5 minute wait. However, after this, Windows is not recognizing my hard drive that I have attached, anyone have any ideas as to whether or not it's related to what the previous poster said, or is if something entirely different?
  3. It's not working because the current drive is trying to use the incorrect driver for the controller it is connected to. Fresh installs detect the new controller and load the appropriate driver.

    New drives need to be partitioned before Windows will see them via My Computer. Go to Start, Run, type in diskmgmt.msc

    Find any disks that have not been partitioned and partition and format them to your liking.
  4. Thanks again for the help :D

    I actually just installed Vista for the first time, downloaded and installed the appropriate driver, and went into disk management and my SATA hard drive is still not being detected in there. Any ideas?
  5. Have you installed the driver for the SATA card first? if there's no driver in place for the SATA card, the OS won't see anything connected to it.
  6. yep, driver for the SATA card is installed :?
  7. Quote:
    yep, driver for the SATA card is installed :?

    your card seems to have a VIA chipset, so I don't know if it is compatible with SATA2 HDD. Maybe you'll have to set the drive as SATA1.5, as shown on the drive label, with the jumper.
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