Gigabyte K8N Pro Sli Motherboard possibly dead?? Please help

Not too long ago my computer crashed while playing a video game I rebooted and it wouldn't load to windows rebooted again and nothing at all came on the screen I concluded that the problem was the HD tested it another comp and it didn't work at 1st but if held in a certain pos it worked.. so I thought it was the HD bought a new HD still same problem. No beeping sounds from MOBO don't see any MOBO lights on the MOBO either. But everything else is getting power it seems. What should I do? Is it clear that the mobo is defective or what?
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  1. Be sure the MB speaker is working. Remove all the RAM and boot up. If you get a beep signifying the MB recognizes there is no RAM in the system, the MB is working properly to that point. I would try reseating the video card and if possible, replace the video card and see if the symptoms go away. You can try booting up with 1 DIMM of RAM in slot 1 and see if you can narrow down the problem that way. HTH.
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