Can I trust Speedfan?

I have speedfan installed, latest version 4.32, and it says the core temp is around 39 idle and goes all the way to 48 full load. If I load AbitEQ it says my cpu is at 30 idle. In the bios my cpu temp is 28. who's right ? I think the temp speedfan gives me is the northbridge. Anyone can help me with this one ?

Thx !!
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  1. doesnt speedfan list several temperatures without telling which ones they are?

    the temps you are looking at might not be the cpu... check your bios to see what your cpu temp is at idle and then compare
  2. try core temp, download that program and compare it with those temps.
  3. Just did. Coretemp seem to agree with speedfan. Thx
  4. Quote:
    Just did. Coretemp seem to agree with speedfan. Thx

    yeh the speed fan is about right, i know there is 2 cpu temps , i THINK one of them is the temp inside the cpu, and the other one is the temp between the two cpus? i m not exactly sure but i know it is something along those lines, I THINK...
  5. There's no need to speculate. Please read the Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide.

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
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