bad_pool_caller error when reinstalling xp home

I am "repairing" a xp home instillation. I chose the 2nd repair option, for windows to look for a previous version of windows installed, as I do not want to loose any info on the pc. It gets to about 39 % remaining and I get the blue screen of "death" with a bad_pool_caller error. I have not changed any hardware or done anything different to the pc. I just want to repair whats wrong. Can anyone help me figure out where this is coming from and try to help me resolve it. Thanks.
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  1. i get down to 34 minutes remaining on the instillation on the screen where it says have more fun with games and thats where i get the blue screen with the bad_pool_caller error on it. please help.
  2. I removed the dial up network card and i got by the spot where it kept shutting down on me. That seemed to do the trick.
  3. Yeah im trying to get a mini server up and running. I came accross the same problem, after a day of reformatting and clearing the bios. Personally i think its a bios setting. But im basically installing windows xp home on a fresh hdd. It gets into the installation of windows but gives the blue screen with bad_pool_caller. I dont have any cards in it, cause the video is onbord. I'll let you know if i figure it out. I tried unplugging the front usb ports to see what happend and it eventually worked out for me. Had to restart once but went fine after that. So basically it was a unplugg everything u can from motherbord, cmos flash, low level format hdd, boot from cd, install windows- fresh copy, install drivers and all done hope it helps.
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