Integrated Graphics, 82865G resolutions on HDTV

Hey guys, much appreciated if anyone has an answer to this :)

My brother took home an old Dell Optiplex 170L from his work as a stopgap until he builds a proper HTPC for his bedroom. The problem is that were trying to connect the integrated graphics VGA output to a 40" 1080P Samsung :D

We bought a cheapo VGA->DVI connector to a HDMI/DVI cable to the VGA but the monitor doesnt like at all. No picture. Thankfuly the Samsung F71 actually has a VGA input - but connecting it with a VGA->VGA cable is leaving us with limited options in resolutions - either 800x600 or 1024x768 or 1280x1024 (all 4:3) are the only ones that work. 1366(?)x768 is there but the Samsung wont display it.

Now, i know the tv loves HDMI/DVI inputs and is capable of almost any resolution, including 1366x768 because I've had my computer hooked up to it.

Is our poor choice of resolutions caused by the VGA cable input on the Samsung or the 82865G integrated graphics chip?
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  1. No one here can answer this question, as not only are there too many variables but I suspect no-one uses integrated graphics.

    What we CAN tell you to do is to buy or dig up a real video card. That machine probably uses an AGP slot, find an old card or buy one from a store that has a good return policy. (such as best buy)

    Plug in the video card, install the drivers (don't forget to do this step...), and then see what happens.

    oh : don't screw around with vga. It's crap for HTPC purpose. Buy a DVI to HDMI cable and connect the video card this way.
  2. Haha, yeah, Integrated Graphics probably arent popular here :P

    Im not even sure if the motherboard inside is AGP, both slots are white, ones shorter in length and only fits a low profile card (low profile case) and the other slot, longer in length im sure is just PCI and requires a riser to fit full size cards. Not worth the expense or hassle to us right now since the computer is just temporary.

    Thanks anyway.

    /edit, about the HDMI->DVI cable, we have one that we used with my own computer (x1950pro) and as i said in my first post we tried to use a DVI to VGA adapter to connect it to this POS Dell's vga output but no dice :(
  3. Sheepish : did you say you used a DVI-> HDMI cable successfully? You do need to be sure the input on the TV is working right, and that will verify it.

    And yes, that socket as you described it is an AGP port. I would buy from the store with the return policy (so you just "rent" the card) an AGP video card with a DVI connector and try it out.
  4. Quote:
    Now, i know the tv loves HDMI/DVI inputs and is capable of almost any resolution, including 1366x768 because I've had my computer hooked up to it.
    Yes I know the HDMI/DVI cable and HDMI input on the Samsung work :D

    I would think about "renting" an agp card, or even buying an old 9200 from ebay if it werent for this : the back of the computer has 2 bays (just the metal plates I mean) that can be filled with the use of a riser in the longer slot. But since there are 2 bays, wouldnt it be more likely that they are for PCI cards in a PCI riser in a PCI slot? :S Im a little confused. Or if it were an AGP slot, can you fit an AGP riser than has both AGP and PCI slot (for the two bays).

    The Dell Optiplex 170L is a workstation so it kinda makes sense to me if there isnt even an AGP slot inside.

    Thanks for taking the time to help mate.

    /edit. I could put this to bed myself by shifting my desk and opening my computer to measure a PCI slot but meh ^^
  5. Hard to tell what you are saying. I think you mean that the case is constructed such that only 'half height' cards can fit in the expansion slots.

    Because, a socket that looks like a PCI socket but is shorter IS an AGP socket. Don't know what else it could be : there are motherboard peripherals that can have a little riser card, but I don't think any of them are wired via slots that look like an AGP port.

    Not hard to find out.

    And, for HTPC usage a very inexpensive PC can work great. I am throwing one together at home as we speak : an Nvidia 6600 LE, an athlon 3400, a $50 ASUS motherboard, some cheap memory and a cheap power supply. About $250 for everything, and it will be able to decode full resolution HDTV signals just fine.
  6. Quote:
    a socket that looks like a PCI socket but is shorter IS an AGP socket.
    Ok, thanks. We've finally established the long slot is PCI. The riser cards im referring to look like so and are necessary in low profile cases (half height as you say) to mount a card horizontally.

    The shorter slot, is AGP but there no space for an AGP riser card to mount a full size card horizontally. Therefor I need an AGP card that looks like so and I highly doubt im going to find an old low profile 9200 like that. All low profile cards I see are indeed half height but with a full height metal plate which is of no use to me.

    I think we can lay this thread to rest unless anyone has an answer to the VGA input resolution question :)
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