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If I set up an user account on XP as limited will he or she be able to erase the history settings. We want to make sure the history cannot be erasd in case someone went where forbidded. Can you give me some insight into this. Bruce
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  1. Yes they can. Not sure how to prevent it other then using a group policy.
  2. If you are using broadband, then I would reccomend using a router or firewall that will log all internet activity. Some routers and firewall can even email you a list of all websites visited at scheduled time frames. If you do not want someone visiting certain sites, then a hardware firewall or router is the way to go as you can restrict websites. I do not think you can stop anyone from visiting any given website as this is imposible! but you can keep track of a users web browsing history with the above mentioned devices.

    Good luck!
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