Seeks CPU temp and fan speed monitor that runs in XP Pro...

Does anyone know of any shareware that I can run on demand in XP Pro that will monitor and show the CPU temp and fan speed when I call up the program?
I can use SisOff Sandra but I dont want to launch a program that big.


PS-I have an AMD X2 4400 CPU and an ASROCK mobo 939 DUAL SATA with 2 Gb CORSAIR XMS.
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  1. Try MBM5 (Mother Board Monitor). It gives a lot of information in a small package. You can even set it up as a service. They have a feature called dashboard that shows all info needed in a small window using gauge dials.
  2. Thank you. GREAT utility but it makes no mention of my ASROCK mobo, which is in fact made by ASUS. How would I "guess" which ASROCK mobo to select from the MBM list so that I actually receive authentic temperature and fan speed measures? Thanks again.

    PS-Ive got the ASROCK 939 DUAL SATA mobo.
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