Need a way to monitor wireless bandwidth usage

I have a DSL connection that I am sharing with 3 roommates. When I agreed to share it I made it clear that major downloading had to be kept to a minimum or I'd have to stop sharing it because the speed would slow down to a crawl. Well things were fine for a while but everyones connection speed seems to have slowed way down and I need to know if its 1 specific person downloading to much. Is there a program that will show me how much bandwidth each person on my wireless network is using?

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  1. Why not just walk over to their computers and see who is doing what when things slow down? :wink:
  2. 1. I don't want to be nosey (obviously so)

    2. I don't want to accuse anyone needlessly.
  3. Is there no way to do this? I used a small program recently to track my own personal bandwidth and it looks like it only accounts for 1/10th of the total. I'm guessing its just 1 person but if I don't have proof they'll just deny its them since theres 2 other people it could be.

    Theres got to be some program that can track where the bandwidth is being transmitted to...
  4. I aslo need exactly the same thing, have you found any software that can do this yet?
  5. does anyone know how to do this? i'm in the same situation and i have a brother that downloads a lot of crap (porn + movies + music) anyway of knowing when he's downloading so i can yell at him?
  6. have u tried net traffic mon?
    it might be what ur looking for, im still looking for a better one...
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