Windows hangs on startup - motherboard problem?

Hello All

I was wondering if anyone has any insight into my problems

I have been having this problem for maybe 3 or 4 months now. Windows often hangs at the start up. Sometimes it will take up to 8 or 9 resets before it will find a way to boot. Sometimes even safe mode will not boot. When it does load up though it is rock solid and never has crashed for me. I am running an Athlon xp 1700 on an Abit NF7-S v 2.0 motherboard with 1 gig of corsair 3200 ram, an X850pro, 250 gig and 80 gig sata drives, windows xp pro. Sound and lan are built in. I bought this system almost 3 years ago and it was problem free until recently

I enabled boot logging and in the file it seems like the drivers it cannot load are all motherboard related - ACPI Uniprocessor PC, Audio Codecs, WAN Miniport (L2TP) are among the 10-15 drivers it fails to load. I have reinstalled windows and it does not fix the problem. This seems to indicate to me that my motherboard is unhappy or dying. Does anyone have any ideas?


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  1. You did install the motherboard drivers from the CD didn't you? Look in device manager and see if there is anything unknown in there. Also, you can go to the motherboards website and see if there are new drivers.

    You might also download Memtest86 to test your ram. That will rule it out.

    When you started noticing these problems, had you just upgraded any components? If so, maybe your power supply is overloaded. What brand and model is your PSU?
  2. Yes I have run Memtest and it checks out fine. My power supply should be no problem powerwise - it is 430 watts and it is not that old only 3 years. It is antec truepower. I installed only the newest motherboard drivers from abits site - I didnt use the stuff on the CD and I am sure I installed the correct drivers. Everything in the device manager is accounted for - no unknowns. Maybe I will try installing the older drivers from the CD.

    I dont think that I upgraded any component in particular when the problems began.
  3. I tried reinstalling the drivers from my MB cd and then installing the new ones over top and it seems to have fixed the problem for now. Thanks for your help
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