CD wont boot up with windows xp install disc

I was overclocking my cpu cause i replaced the stock fan with a cooling system and while i was overclocking i got a blue screen. So, i rebooted my comp and it says a file is missing or corrupt ( forgot what file something windows/system/config) and told me to repair it. and it wont let me use my windows xp disc. I set my cd-rom to 1st priority, im posititve my cd drives work, and the cd has only been used twice so im pretty sure it cant be that.
I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!! anyone know what to do?
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  1. I believe you have to press F12 during start up to get the machine to boot from the disk. I'm not running XP so I can't check but friend of mine ran into a similar problem and that solved it. Possible it's another key but pretty sure it was F12
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