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Lenovo ThinkPad X121e notebook "review"

Last response: in Opinions and Experiences
October 20, 2011 12:12:08 PM

The x121e on lenovo's site:

This post is in regard to this thread:

I was looking for a small "cheap" lightweight but powerfull notebook.
I didn't need it for direct work - just for showing my work done at home, on a laptop / projector in class.

I needed it to load medium complexity Sketchup models and CAD plans. I also wanted it to work with Revit and 3DS max that I want to learn in the future. Autodesk and Sketchup's site specificly stated that intel graphics are NOT recomended but since I need a cheap notebook and I wasn't planning on working on it - just viewing (And some facebook of course :D  ) I decided to take the risk.

First hands the x121e is simply Ugly. there is a nice smooth cover on top and the screen opens out in a wide beautiful and functional angel (but might not leave room for a large battery). On the coolness factor this one comes last, oh well it least it has both HDMI & VGA out are avilable - just what I needed.
The x121e is light weight and comfortably small in size, but extreamly fast with a good batter life (6 cell bat & I worked it hard for almost 6 hours strait without plugin it in with wifi on and connected). The keyboard layout is excelent & the keys are spread apart but easy to type. the tuchpad is awful! and uncomfortable at all (plus no sliding detection on the right side) but I'm pretty coordinated so I got used to it. after insalling all the above software (some are trials or the small light versions) it still takes the x121e about 1 minute from clicking the restart button to go thourgh boot and back to work again - FAST.

For the main course, The 3d applications:
sketchup & 3ds max - works o.k. loads complex files and rotates the model (rotating forces wireframe but redraws details back fast) - I loaded with foliage but hidden it for the rotating but even my friends more powerful laptops have trouble rotating models with foliage.
CAD & Revit - loads great! works smothly and redraws on rotate without too much issues.

in conclusion - although integrated graphics aren't recommended for 3d applications for the sake of viewing and rotating the model they are still o.k. I think even working on cad and revit is possible but didn't seriously try it yet.

I have been playing with it for a week now & I'm really satisfied with the x121e for now, I hope I will feel the same in a year or so.

Hoped this helped someone! thanks to the guys in the original thread.
October 21, 2011 5:05:21 AM

Good review. Feel free to post it in the reviews thread in the laptops forum.
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