windows xp 64bit and office 97 MS AWA, ctl3d32.dll

No way to search if this post already exists so sorry in advance if this was posted already.

At work i have a Dell Precision 670 with windows xp 64 bit edition. We use office 97 for access 97 for some of our databases.

I need to run MS AWA (Access Workgroup Administrator) in order to setup the permissions so the user can access the database.

When i try to run MS AWA and i get this:


This application uses CTL3D32.DLL, which has not been correctly installed. CTL3D.DLL must be installed in the windows system directory."

Then the dialogue pops up and if i set it to the appropriate file it doesn't stick.

I tried regsvr32 to register the dll but it just says:

"c:windowssyswow64ctl3d32.dll was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.

The file cannot be registered."

Anyone have any ideas? It also happens on another computer with the exact same configuration and with office 97 and MS AWA.

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  1. I found the solution


    You have to copy the MS access workgroup administrator file (wrkgadm.exe) and the ctl3d32.dll file from the c:windowssysWoW64 directory to the c:windowssystem32 directory. If it asks if you want to overwrite the ctl3d32.dll file say NO. Its already there and should be good.

    What a pain in the ass that was...


    it appears the forums removes the backward slashes and maybe even the forward slashes /
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