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I recently purchased a new Z5500 system. Which I must say first of all it is da bomb! :D Really nice looking. Amazing Sound through the optical input coming from my xbox360. My wife is so impressed by it and the amazing clarity of the sound. I gotta say though it was a pain in the *** mounting the speakers on the wall :x But my main question, or questions actually, are the following:

I use an Audigy2 ZS card on my PC, which is located about <20ft away from the Z5500 system. The Z5500 came witht the 6-Channel Direct Audio, which my Audigy2 card has the outputs for. However, these cables are only like 3ft long. I need longer cables!! now I have noticed that these cables apparently look like your standard 3.5mm Stereo cable, however do they actually sell a set of 3 just like the one the z5500 came with, or am I gonna have to purchase 3 separate cables and run them. Also, even though they look like standard 3.5mm cable, they do have anything special, I mean, would using a standard 3.5mm cable lower my sound quality?

Last question I have is, does anyone sell somekind of splitter for the digital Optical input? What I mean with this, is that this z5500 system only has one Digital Optical Input. I have several devices that use this kind of input (Xbox360, Netgear's EVA8000 and DVR system), and I have been forced to having to unplug the cable and plug it to another source everytime I want to change devices. The only thing that's helping me a little is that my DVR also has the Digital Coaxial Output so I've been using that but I've been told that the Optical is better Quality. Any Ideas?

BTW, thanks for all and any help! :)
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  1. Well I'm glad you are getting good sound. :? The plugs are standard, just color coded for the 6 channel direct. Your best bet is to get a long set of 3.5's because I have never seen an optical splitter, and the price for the cable would be insane; look at the price diff between 3 footers and 6 footers on the Best Buy or Circuit City site. Good Luck
  2. A home theater receiver will get you multiple optical outputs for your multiple devices, but I don't think that's what you had in mind. I think there are also home-theater splitters that will get you this, I've seen devices @ Best Buys for multiple home-theater gear that do this and I believe they offer optical output as well. I'll see if I can find a link.

    Edit: This may be overkill but there are other products like this that can route optical audio, among other things...
  3. Thank you davidinsarasota, for confirming to me about the 3.5mm cables. I couldn't find them anywhere though, not even at the Radio Shack store, luckily Radio Shack ONLINE sells them, so I ordered them and they will deliver them to my local store (even though the rep at the store said "No you can't do that! its not the same cable").... but I appreciate your help anyway....
    Oh and Halcyon, that adapter you showed me is Definitely Overkill...LOL... I don't even have an HDMI input on my current HDTV yet, just component and DVI, plus I only have my DVR and my EVA8000 that currently have HDMI, so I think I might just wait on that I am gonna try to check with my local Best Buy and Circuit City to see if I can find one just for Optical Inputs, but if you find one, let me know so that way maybe I can order it online for cheaper. I appreciate it!
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