Passive cooling pci-e video card recommendations needed.

What's a good entry level video card for 2D graphics? ie not for gaming. :)

Something for.
-web surfing
-watching dvds

Budget of around $50USD.
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  1. X1300 or GF7300.

    I'd link you to examples on NewEgg, but their server seems wonky right now.

  2. Okay,

    GF7300 GT, LE or GS?
  3. Whichever you find for the price you want.

    Perfromance usually goes LE<GS<GT , but none of them will give you access to all of PureVideoHD, so likely no difference to you.

    At this level the X1300 might have slight advantage for some playback, but they'll all be about the same since games aren't involved.
  4. What is PureVideoHD?
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