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I have a laptop with an internal antenna that apparently sucks. I am exactly 7 feet away from my router and when I do a ping I drop packets about every 8th time or so. I seem to have this same issue at work. So I think I will try a Type III card with the internal antenna on the card and a connection that I can connect an externall high gain antenna too. Can someone recommend a nic that would be for a "G" network, is a type III, and has both an internall antenna and a connection for an external antenna? I dont think I want to leave the antenna connected since the laptop is mobil but if I am getting weak signals then I will have the option.
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  1. Have you updated your drivers of your internal card. If its a raylink 2500, it has a limit range of maybe 10'. It has to be the worst card ever made.

    Check these out.
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