Any pc hardware company that actually honors next day shipping?

So I havn't ordered from newegg in awhile, but I grab 500$ worth of stuff yesterday morning and add the rush processing and next day shipping... It's now been a complete 24 hours, they already charged my card, and the site still says 'processing'. I looked around and others are laughing at the rush processing and the next day shipping...

What's goin on, I remember when companies used to actually be able to ship next day and not state 'we'll give it a "best effort"'....

Anyone know of anyplace that actually can ship next day? I want my hardware!!! lol
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  1. I can't vouch for Newegg but many suppliers here in England behave just as badly.

    I suggest they have a box to tick to agree to accept a part-shipment if they can't send everything. Over here they hold up the whole lot if just one part is missing from stock but no-one tells you until you phone and complain.

    Terrible service these days.


  2. newegg is awsome when it comes to shipping parts out in a timely fashion, even without "expedited processing."

    most of the time parts are shipped out on time but the status doesnt get updated in a timely minor. one minor gripe but not enough to mar their record.
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