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There is a guy on ebay that is willing to sell me a xfx nvidia 7800 gtx graphics card for about 140$ total, know my question is, should I just go with a 7600 GT that i can order through an official retailer for 100$ or is it worth the extra 40$ to get the XFX 7800 GTX instead?
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  1. Go with a new card, A 7800 for 140.00 when you can get a 7900GS for around 159.00.
  2. dito for me too! go with the 7900gs if your around that 150 price range.
  3. I wouldn't buy a used 256MB 7800GTX for that price.

    I'd go with a X1900GT for $130 no rebates:

    or if it must be NV, $140 after $15 rebate for a 7900GS.
  4. this is a stupid question but the ATI card will work ok if i have an nforce motherboard with an integrated nvidia card?
  5. Yes. Depending on what board you got when you plug a video card in the pci ex slot or agp slot the bios see it and turns off the onboard video and uses the video card. and ati cards work on a nvidia board.
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