ntfs problem... windows xp pro

Hi all..

I have two harddiscs which is formatted in NTFS... One of them is infected by a virus so i cant use it but i have to backup the data too...

so i am using the other harddisc to run my pc.. but i cant enter the infected harddisc.. it always prompts me to "format this drive" but if i format it i will lose all the data..

so anyone can tell me what to do???
I really need the data....
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  1. I think your partition information has lost you should use some partition recovery software to recover the partion information.

    You can give a try to http://www.stellarinfo.com/partition-recovery.htm
  2. Give TestDisk a try, it is available on the ultimate boot cd, free of charge a must for any who's always asked to fix friend's pc's. Great way to get free meals and a bit of extra money in college I've found.
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