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Hey there. My aunt just purchased a ASDL Router so she could have the laptop running the internet the same time as the PC. I don't know too much about networking but she has Cable Internet, Not ASDL. I plugged the cable modem into the ASDL Router and the Laptop was able to connect to the internet from anywhere in the house. I then tried connecting the PC to the router. So basically the configuration is Cable modem > to ASDL Router. Laptop connects. Then a ethernet cable from the router to the PC. PC won't connect. :S It says it is picking up a network and packets are sending, but I can't ping any websites. When I check how many packets are being sent and recieved on the Computer There are way more being sent than recieved. I don't know what can be wrong. I used IP Config on the laptop and the IP address was 84.xx.xx.xx and the subnet mask was I then checked the PC and the IP address was something totally different, like 192.xx.xx.xx and the subnet was the defualt class "C" S.M. I would of assumed the IP addresses would of both the Laptop and PC would be identical apart from the last octet, and the Subnet masks the same as well. So my problem is that i can't get both of them to be on the internet at the same time. Is this because the router is ASDL? If so then I'm a bit confused of why the laptop can still wirelessly pick up a signal from it. Sorry if I havn't specified anything clear enough. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

:) cheers
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  1. Sounds like the laptop is getting an IP address from the cable mode. What model ADSL router is it?

  2. hey, I'm just waiting for my aunt to get back to me on the model of the router. I'll post it as soon as I find out, thanks
  3. Your problem likely stems from the fact that the ADSL modem/router is not connected to the WAN through its normal WAN port (the DSL RJ-11 connection). Your laptop and desktop are definitely being set up on different LANs. The question is why, exactly, and can it be fixed?

    If this collection of equipment can be made to work, you're going to need the user manuals / make / model numbers for both the ADSL wireless modem/router and the cable modem (also a router??). And, you will need to log onto the admin screen of both devices to set them up so they work and play well with each other. From the information given, I have my doubts.

    Your aunt should return the ADSL modem/router and buy a normal wireless router with an RJ-45 WAN port.

    Meanwhile, I'll add to Grumpy's request that you get the make and model number of the cable modem as well as the ADSL device.
  4. Hi it's a Adsl 2 + modem with Wireless G Plus Mimo Router (Belkin). Model number: f5d9630.4 theres also information here I have like the ffc id, mac address for Lan and Wan but i dont know if there relevant? What's confusing me is that she described her network problems to a guy at the PC repair shop and hes saying to forget about the ASDL router and get a "DSL" router. I don't understand because with cable the internet comes through a coaxial cable..nothing to do with RJ-11 connectors or any of that DSL/ASDL technology. (or am i wrong there?) The acutal NTL cable Modem (her ISP is NTL) is just a little blue box that sits there with a RJ-45 port and a Coaxial cable. So I guess a Cable wireless router is whats needed then?

  5. What the guy at the PC shop should have said was forget about the ADSL router and get a regular wireless router that connects to the cable modem using a CAT5 cable. The ADSL router only works with DSL Internet and not cable.

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