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The computer at my church keeps crashing while displaying powerpoints and videos on the projector from the pci video card already in there. I'm pretty sure it's due to the fact that the card has 2MB of memory and came from a 10 year old computer. All I need is a sub-$50 PCI card with enough memory and power to play videos and slideshows on a second monitor/projector. Any suggestions? I was thinking of maybe a Radeon 9250 if that would suffice.
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  1. Yeah, a 9250 should be fine.

    Or something like this:

    Found a good priced 9250 on newegg for you:

    Sooo yeah, never thought I would be giving advice on a PCI video card during this century :P But yeah, if you absolutely need it, then one of the above two would be good. One big difference I see is that the fx5500 is dx9 compatible but the 9250 isn't, but if powerpoints are the only thing you're doing, then you'll be fine.
  2. How does 16Mb nVidia Riva TNT card at $9 + $5 S/H sound ?
    Try Someone sent this to me on reply to my post for PCI Video replacement card for PCI 4Mb S3 Virge On Board.
    Hope it helps.
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