My E6600 temps and: What the heck is AUX in Speedfan?

Hey guys, at the time of this writing, I'm currently running TAT at 100% with stock clockspeed on an E6600 and a Scythe Infinity. Both cores (Tjunction) run just under 60C (CoreTemp, Speedfan, and TAT all corroborate this). They idle around 42C. I'm wondering if this is normal (remember, no OC'ing, stock speed). However, CoreTemp reports a Tjunction rating of 85C, though this value never changes, regardless of load.

To complicate things further, Speedfan reports an AUX reading of 79C at idle, which then balloons to 105C 8O at load (TAT 100%). I googled the mysterious AUX reading, some claim it's a bug, others the northbridge, the video card, or the power supply.

Bottom line, I want to take my 6600 to at least 3 GHz, and I want to make sure it's safe at this point. Any comments are appreciated.

By the way:
Lian Li PC 65 (stock fans)
P5W DH Deluxe
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  1. djplanet, from the Guide:


    ...Therefore, when expressing Idle & Load test results, it's also necessary to define the variables such as:

    Tcase = Idle & Load
    Tjunction = Idle & Load, Hottest Core

    Ambient = Room Temp
    Chipset = Model
    C2D = Model
    CPU Cooler = Model
    Frequency = CPU Clock
    Load = Test Program
    Motherboard = Model
    Vcore = CPU Voltage

    Please provide this information, as it's needed to properly analyze your temps. As for Core Temp's "Tjunction 85c", this just shows Intel's Tj max spec, is information only, and is not intended to change. Also, SpeedFan's "Aux" is simply an unassigned spare input, which may randomly toggle through values upt to 127. This is a known issue, is not a problem, and can be deselected for display, and disregarded.

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  2. Thanks Comp, I was hoping you'd respond. Sorry about forgetting that info, here it is:

    (idle/load) all Celsius:

    Tcase = 35/45
    Tjunction = 45/59

    Ambient = 23
    Chipset = 975X/ICH7R
    Model = Core 2 Duo E6600
    CPU Cooler = Scythe Infinity
    Frequency = 2.4 GHz
    Motherboard = P5W-DH Deluxe
    Vcore = 1.3250v (CoreTemp reading)
  3. The Vcore reading in Core Temp is not valid, since it only reports Vcore ID (VID). Please get a valid Vcore from either SpeedFan or CPU-Z.


    Comp 8)
  4. Speedfan and CPU Z both say 1.3 Vcore.
  5. These 975 boards almost always report accurate temps, and yours appears to be right on. The E6600 and the P5W DH are a perfect match for overclocking, and I like the board because it has no shortage of features. You're temps are in good shape, so you're cleared to launch. Crank her up! :D

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  6. Thanks Comp, I'll follow Wusy's guide (whenever I find the gumption, maybe later today 8) ).
  7. You're very welcome. Enjoy your rig! :D

    Comp 8)
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