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DNS Problems on Windows2003

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April 24, 2006 3:00:09 PM


I'm not well indowed with knowledge on setting up and running DNS on Win2k3 server. For a good few months now I have been using my server as a internet router, after my hardware router packed in. Instead of using ICS I setup routing components manually for a challenge and to learn from them. I mannaged to setup Routing and Remote Access with a NAT, I setup DNS on the server just to pass on internet name requests to my ISP's DNS servers. I finally setup DHCP to let the computer on the network know this information.

This setup had been running fine for a good few months now without me needed to mess about with it in anyway. After comming back to my house after an Easter Break I found the DNS service on the server seemed to crash after a few minutes of use (just general webpage browsing). Restarting the service only seemed to work for a few mins then it would crash again.

If I ran nslookup on the server or one of my networked computers I would get the following message when DNS was Crashed.

DNS Request Timmed out
Timeout was 2 seconds.
*****Can't find server name for address timmed out
Default Server: unknown

When the DNS service IS running and I load up nslookup I get this message.

*****Can't find server name for address Non-Existant Domain
Default Server: unknown

While the DNS service is like that it will work and pass on name requests onto my ISP. I have a feeling that is the problem but I havn't been able to find a solution to the problem.

Network setup

Server has 2nic's

100mbps NIC is connected to the cable modem and gets it IP from that.
1000mbps NIC is on the LAN side and has the Address, this NIC also point to itself for DNS (this was recommended in the tutorial I was following on setting up a DNS).

The 1000mpbs NIC is connected to a 8port switch which the house computers connect to.

The main use of the DNS service on my server is to pass all internet DNS requests onto my ISP's DNS servers. I havn't setup and forward on reverse lookup zones or route hints. Simply installing the service and starting it worked for me so I left it be.

The network is NOT running on a domain it is setup with workgroup called NETWORK. The server is nammed server, full name is It has the name as the domain name is owned by me. The server dosn;t want to be used in anyway with the website. I uses the hosting companys DNS servers and Server space to host my website.

Server hardware is
2x P3 1ghz processors
512mb ram
100mbps onboard NIC
1000mbps Netgear GA311 Nic
System drive is 80gb WD 7200rpm drive with 14gb free
Other drives are used for File storage.

Event log messages from the DNS service:

Event ID 113: The DNS server could not signal the service "NAT". The error was 1168. There may be interoperability problems between the DNS service and this service.

Event ID 708: The DNS server did not detect any zones of either primary or secondary type during initialization. It will not be authoritative for any zones, and it will run as a caching-only server until a zone is loaded manually or by Active Directory replication. For more information, see the online Help.

Event ID 2: The DNS server has started.


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February 28, 2007 4:21:03 PM

Hi, I'm just wondering if you ever got anywhere with this? I seem to be having a very similar problem with a slightly different config but nevertheless same error messages.

Event ID 113: The DNS server could not signal the service "NAT". The error was 1168. There may be interoperability problems between the DNS service and this service.

Only real difference is that i'm running my network on a domain but i don't think that should affect too much.

Any help or tips would be gratefully received.

Kind rgds