Does Newegg ship to Asia?

I am one of the few people who finished choosing all the components for their new rig they will be building on Newegg. Then later finding out Newegg only ships to location in US and Puerto Rico. I was devasted at first but i found this news on Newegg. [...] 96&Type=3. Not only did it gave me a little hope, it confused me. It said it's expanding it's operation in Asia and specifically "New Global Product Management Center in Taipei". I live in Taipei. However they did not say any thing about shipping products to Asia or Taipei. They still say on their FAQ " does not currently ship internationally; we only deliver to locations within the United States and to Puerto Rico."

Can someone clarify and tell me whether or not they ship to Asia? or Taipei specifically?
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  1. There is newegg China which ships to mainland China only, not Taiwan.
  2. I wouldn't even go to buy online.

    In place like Taiwan, there are large electronic market where a whole mall is full of computer components and electronic stuff. Just go there, see the component yourself and pick up the stuff and build it.
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