Youtube + File downloads not loading over wireless network.

HI Guys , I need some Help. I have just set up a wireless network in my house. THere are 3 computers connected to it and sometimes a Ninetendo DS. I have the following components.

D-Link gamer DGL 4300
D-Link DWL-G510 PCI 54Mbps Wireless 802.11g (times 2)

And then my own pc is connected via ethernet.

teh problem Im having is that the two pcs thatare connected wirelessly , wont load a video on youtube or download a file, THey may start to do it but then they will stop after a while although it will still look as though they are loading eg the downloading file box will stay there, the speed wont change ,neither will the download %.

Also when trying to listen to a radio station online , it cuts out every now and then, and its not buffering or anything it just cuts out for a few seconds.

does anyone have any Idea as to what may be the problem?

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  1. Make sure you have the latest drivers for the router and g510 gards.
  2. yeah I have done that and it hasnt helped. I am new to networking, so are there any obviouse settings or anything that I need to change?
  3. Have you done a site survey to determine if there are any other nearby wireless networks on the same channel? You may be getting interference from a neighbor.

    Also, does this happen more when both are using the wireless? What about the game system? Is that also wireless? Does it happen more when using the game system?

    Finally, where are the wireless computers compared with the router?
  4. cheers guys, thanks for your help, i think I havew it sorted now. yeah I think I just needed to change teh channel.
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