Need replacement PS for Antec Sonata Case


I have to replace a burned out PS for my Antec sonata case and wish to have stability and quiet as the features.
I have added a lot iof Hard drives to this unit over the past few years and figure that the 380 watt antec PS that came with it wasn't powerful enough. As this is an older config no SLI will ever be needed. Looking for
a quiet unit that is also reasonably priced. $100 or less.

Any reccomendations will be helpful as there a some sales and rebates on some Antec units and I am also looking at the Power & Cooling Silencer 470 ATX.

This unit doubles as an audio recording device and needs to have a compatible PS with the MB etc.

The config is:

Antec Sonata case
ASUS AN78X deluxe
AMD 3200 XP
Corsair TwinX1024-3200LLPT
Zalman 7000 CPU fan
Plextor PX-708A DVDR-RW
Floppy Drive
4 Internal Hard Drives: 2 Sata, 2 IDE
1 removable Hard Drive
128MB Mx 400 video card
RME HDSP52 audio recording interface PCI card
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  1. Thnak you for your response.

    I have ordered the PC Power Supply & Cooling 470 ATX today.
    The Hiper unit does look cool though.
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