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OK, after reading all of your posts, i am seriously confused. There are some interesting arguments but they still don't resolve my problem.
This is what i have, 2 sataII 160 gig drives. I am considering getting 1 to 2 more if needed. Don't plan on going raptor. Which way should i go for gaming? Raid (and which raid array) or just parallell? I'd rather not get 2 more drives but will if needed. Thanks for any advice guys.
oh, may even get an external hd.

AMD Athlon64 x2 4800
Zalman 9500 hs&fan
A8N32-sli Deluxe
700w OCZ game Xtream ps
xfx geforce8800 gts 320 mb
4 gb kingston HyperX
Gigabyte 3d aurora case
2 x wd caviar 160 gb 16mb cache sata2 drives
2 x vigor hard drive coolers
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  1. Fools rush in...

    Stick with the stand alone drives.
    You'd regret any kind of Raid Array, except RAID 1.
  2. RAID 1 will not improve your write speed, but actually will increase your read speed, compared to a single disk, and is the safest RAID using two disks... but also the worst cost ratio, resulting in 50% drive capacity.
  3. ok,I already have 2 drives. i'd rather not get a raptor.
  4. I appreciate that. That is very helpful. Thanks, and sorry for any negativity
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