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Ok so I went to the newsgroups and I said HEYyyyy look at that, someone posted a virus again expecting people to dl it. I actually grabbed 27 viruses from this poster and decided to test my av's detection capability,... or... should I say lack thereof. Here is some short extremely unscientific results:

1) Testing was done in a Microsoft VM Server running locally

2) The viruses were zipped up individually with exe's inside folders therein.

3)The AV was configured to scan compressed files. (not all do this by default)

4)The AV detection capability was always set to the most sensitive (heuristics)

5)All scans were ondemand not by running the files

antivir: found all 27 (yes i was amazed lol)
avg: found 9
avast: 0
bitdefender: 1
etrust: found 1
f-prot: 0
fsecure: found 1
kapersky: found 12
mcafee: found 3
norton: wouldnt install (we all know norton is umm...err)
nod32: found 1
panda: found 1
pccillin: 0
adaware: 0
windows defender beta2: 0

I wont even begin to comment on how slow and poorly designed most of the user interfaces are. Why do they all look like webpages gah thats annoying! Anyhow if you want an antivirus review done by toms pls append a request post to this review id like to see someone who really knows what they are doing test these thoroughly.
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  1. Thanks that is an interesting post, though I’m rather surprised at the poor performance of Avast (my avp of choice). I hereby second that Toms does a network secuirity guide for the home user with a review of avp, firewall and antispyware soft.
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