I'am having problems with my windows recognizing my drive.

I'am having problems with my windows recognizing my drive. I have a western digital 500gb SATA drive which I'm having problems with the windows system recognizing it. The motherboad I'am using is a EVGA nForce 680i SLi motherboard and I'am running Windows XP Professional.
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  1. Have you formatted your Hard-Drive?
  2. yes I have and I'm trying to run it as a secondary drive.
  3. mmmk, so this is the second hard drive you've got plugged into your PC

    Is it appearing in disk management?
    Right click My Computer>Manage> Then go to disk management

    Your first HDD should be DISK 0 and your second should be DISK 1 if it's showing up.
  4. Have you checked to see if the hard drive shows up in the Bios? I would look there. Sometimes it needs to be 'activated' in the Bios.
  5. The hard drive does show up in the bios and it shows up in the device manager. But it is not showing up in Windows Explorer.
  6. Sounds like you just need to format it and assign a drive letter.

    As a previous poster said, go into Disk Management:
    Right-click My Computer~>Manage Then select 'disk management'

    The drive should be shown there. You should then format the drive.

    Hope this helps.
  7. what would I do if that doesn't work by chance?
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