How do I calculate the max Amp for +12 rails?

I have this.

FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX450-PN, 12cm FAN, version 2.2, 2 SATA, PCI Express, 450W Power Supply - Retail

Forum says it has max 29Amp on +12 rail but how do we calculate?

I heard X1950pro need max 30amp PSU, will my PSU be okay :oops:
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  1. Quote:
    Have you read PSU 101 yet? It's all explained in there.

    Trust mpilchfamily. Just do it; he knows his PSU's.
  2. I read the PSU 101 but can't understand.

    Thanks for explaining.

    I have 1 more question. Will my PSU work find on x19540pro?

    I heard it need rail +12 with 30amp. less 1 amp, Hope I am alright :/
  3. Cool. Do you think my PSU will support CPU up to AMD X2 5200+ or Intel E6400 ?

    I tried with the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator but they ask for some money if I want to calculate +12volt requirement.
  4. I went to sapphire forum and they say my PSU doesn't meet the requirement :(

    They say I must have at least continuous 30A +12volt rail with at least 450watt PSU.

    Is there a way to test my PSU is alright with the new graphic card at its full performance(it is coming this thursday)?
  5. Thanks! That really relieve me.

    Can't wait for my graphic card
  6. I bought a AMD X2 5600. Will my motherboard support it with the X1950pro?

    I check on few review and it consume 200watt under load while E6600 only consume about 143watt! Man, my bill will sure go up pretty much.

    I am really surprised I bought a CPU that drink so much WATT @_@

    Still waiting for new motherboard and Ram.
  7. Hi, May I know why is that?

    I was thinking to buy a AMD X2 5200 which I think only consume 160watt at maximum load.

    The AMD X2 5600 will consume like 210watt(about the same amount as AMD x2 6000) maximum which is alot more than E6600(about 154watt max).

    210watt is about Half of my PSU watt :D

    Is it I only have to look at the Graphic card requirement and as long as the PSU support the graphic card, any CPU will be fine?
  8. Okay. Thanks.
  9. Almost the same psu as I might be getting soon, but I'd be getting the -PA model since the -PN isnt available.

    @mpilchfamily: I've been looking at other psus about the same price also, and the antec truepower trio is only about $10 more and has about 30A 12V I think plus a 120mm fan instead of the FSPs 80mm. You think It would be a better buy?

    If I could stretch my budget a bit further then I'd be looking at buying an enermax liberty 400/500w (considering shipping for both, theres little price diff) or a corsair HX520W. If I can afford it, would it be worth me going with these instead of the cheaper psus, considering my current system and the potential for an upgrade to dual core and a dx10 card (mid-range coz I'm poor) in the next few years?

    @OP: Not trying to hijack your thread but you seem as tho your questions have been answered and it saves me starting another thread.
  10. Then why do so many people get other brands? I know that FSP make the components in alot of other brands psus, but not all of them. I think Zalman usues FSP parts, or so I read yesterday.
  11. If only FSP was more widely available in AUS, under that brand name. Its so hard to find them, as only as few stores have them. Mainly the 80mm fan ones too, the only 120mm fan psu from FSP that I've found is this one:

    and its 400W counterpart (the 450W isnt even listed on the FSP site lol). But they have a low +12V output, so I'd steer clear of these and get the generic looking :( 80mm ones instead.

    EDIT: Maybe If I'm good enough, I'll be able to transfer the internals to a nicer looking psu casing, like my TR2s one. I doubt it tho...
  12. I was looking into the 430W seasonic, as well as one of the silverstones. Unfortunately, every store with a decent price on the silverstone was out of stock or "call us to check" (ie, out of stock but we just dont want to tell you that)

    EDIT: The silverstone was the ST50EF (non-plus version, so only 35A I think)
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