Portable HDD that doesn't auto power off when not in use ?


I just bought a LaCie 320Gb, USB2.0 portable disk.
But I was surprised that the disk didn't stop when not in use. So it basically run until you power it off. It even run when the computer is off !!

Do you known a portable HDD that auto shut off when not in use and shut off wh ncomputer is power down???

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  1. Mine is on as long as the power cord is plugged in and it's turned on. You're getting power from the power cord assuming it's self powered so whether or not the computer is on is irrelevant.
  2. I have an older WD 80GB external that powers down when not in use. It doesnt power off but it goes into a low power mode.

    The newer ones I have dont seem to bother. :?
  3. the WDC My Book powers off with the computer. and enters some kind if sleep when not in use for a while

    My cheap iomagic does not. but i only use it for backup. so no problems for me.

    If you want that feature consider the My Book by WDC

  4. Hi
    If you use a 2½" HD then it will power down with the computer, as it is powered by the usb cable. I have done that several times on my laptop, as I have 4 HD's for it, and sometimes I plug one or two of them in the usb hub and they will only be powered on when the pc is.
  5. yeah if middle(80-160) end storage is ok for you, notebook drives are the way to go for sure. cool and quiet and small(space saving) too

    good point.
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