noob need help on IDE and SATA drives assignment

I have a MSI 975X Motherboard.
1 IDE 200GB HD

In the BIOS setting, SATA mode options are IDE/RAID/AHCI
On-chip SATA options are Disabled/Combined/Enhanced
If using SATA to run 1 HD, am I limited to use only 1 IDE port?

I would like to use SATA HD as primary master on SATA1.
IDE HD as Secondary Master and DVD-ROM as Secondary Slave on same IDE cable on IDE1.
DVD-Writer on Third Master on IDE2.
Is that possible? Please suggest the best configuration. Thanks.
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  1. The BIOS should be IDE
    Not sure about on chip, you're using one so endabled?
    SATA and PATA/IDE are seperate bus, If you have 2 ports, you can run 4 devices.
    I would go SATA, IDE HD, then both DVD on Trianary.
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