Video Failures w/ 2 different cards.

Here's the background.

Asus P4C800-e deluxe, P4 3.0C, 2 gb RAM, 4x 80gb hdd in RAID 10 on 3ware 8500, Thermaltake Silent Purepower 480w.

I had an ATI AIW 9800pro which died on me. I replaced it with an Saphire Radeon x1600 agp. I figured it was at the time a good performer and cheap. It started getting flaky so I guessed that it was heat problems. Occasionally the video would stop working. When I immediately rebooted the PC would boot (the HD drive LEDs would flash) but there would be no video (not even post). When I let the PC cool down for a few minutes I could boot. I swapped it out with an older Geforce 5200fx which doesn't use a power connector and the video was stable. So I took off the heatsink cleaned it, put some Arctic Silver on it and put the card back in. It was relatively stable for 2 weeks. I put on Atitool and the temps were all normal. I started to get intermittent video lockups and boot problems even though the temps were fine.

I then got an XFX 7600gt this worked fine for about 6 weeks, but today it started to have the same symptoms as with the Radeon. The video would go out even though XP seemed to be on. Reboot would be fine from the OS, no video even in POST. I swapped in the older Geforce and that is what I'm using now with no problems.

My guess is that the power supply may have reached it's limit. I don't think it's the motherboard/agp slot since the 5200 Fx is rock solid even at 1650x1080. And now I don't think it's the video cards because the PC boots through to the OS but there's just no video.

What do you think? Any other suggestions for testing?
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  1. Have you though it might be something else killing your GFX cards. I mean having three GFXS Die on you with all the same symptoms, and seeing that you had both an ATI and Nvidia die, i would start by replacing the PSU, next i would check out the AGP port maybe somethings wrong with the AGP port.
    Is that FX5200 AGP or PCI?

    I hope you just call up the manufacturer to replace that X1600PRO and 7600GT AGP...seeing that your wasting a lot of money buying new ones seems kinda silly.
  2. Thanks guys. The 5200 is agp 8x, it just doesn't use a power connector.

    I'm going to order this Rosewill RT550-135-BK 550W 135mm Fan SLI Ready - ATX V2.2/EPS12V. Just in case it is the motherboard that's flaking I'll have an upgrade worthy PSU.
  3. I wouldn't call that PSU "upgrade worthy". Rosewill PSUs aren't that great.
    Listen to mpilchfamily, he knows his stuff.
  4. Agreed i had a Rose 450W failed within the month, bought it because it was cheap 35$ paided the price for it. Ended up getting OCZ 700W no problems and runs my 8800GTX perfectly.
  5. That most definately sounds like a power supply problem.Try a 550-600wat with 30amps on the 12v rail and you should be good to go.Goodluck.


    AMD X2-4400+@2.6 TOLEDO
    2X EVGA 7950GT KO IN SLI
    3DMARK05 13,471
  6. Quote:
    I wouldn't call that PSU "upgrade worthy". Rosewill PSUs aren't that great.
    Listen to mpilchfamily, he knows his stuff.

    AGREED! Listen to Mpilchfamily, he know what he's talking about. Don't waste your $ on marginal PSU's. I know this from experience.
  7. What are the 3.3, 5, and 12v rails reading for voltage?
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