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Ok, I installed a fax program (BitWare 3.3) on my computer with Win 98SE. It came with the new modem I got, so assumed all the drivers were up to date. But, apparently not! It moved my original win.ini & system.ini to a different folder, and renamed them win.bit & system.bit. It was nice enough to tell me that as well! Then when I would try to start my computer, it would get to a certain point, and say can't find WIN.COM. I would reboot, and do a step by step boot and bypass to get me into Windows. And that worked, until today.
The new problem is if it tries to load windows, it will say Error in EXE file. Or, if you type win at the C prompt, same thing!

How do you fix that? (I'm looking through every book I have, but haven't come across anything like that!) Any help at all is greatly appreciated! :D
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  1. Well, FINALLY, got M's suggestion to work. How to extract cab files. They suggest for the thing, to extract win.cnf off the install disks to the c:windows directory. And then rename it to Well, after 24 hours of trying it, I finally got it extracted. But, can't rename it. Keep in mind, this is all at the c:prompt. No windows at all! What it says is duplicate file or file in use when I try to rename it. So, I'm really confused now! And now it's also picked up a new problem. EMM386.exe detected a error # 8, and halted the system. I can still see everything on my computer (all the files) with EDIT, and the original system.ini & win.ini
    are there (but renamed .bit in the bitware folder). If I look in the windows folder, it says and win.cnf, but there's only those 2, didn't see any duplicates. So, beats me! :?
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