3D Studio Max Question about Bipeds & Footsteps

3D Studio Max Question about Bipeds & Footsteps, controlling Placement &Location.

i made a set of stairs because i wanted to learn a little more IK (inverse kinematics) in Max.

all the tutorials i had done, you put footsteps down on some neutral plane. all wonderfully interesting and everything, but - what if you want to use this function to make a character climb a parapet to a castle or something ?

biped contemplating stairs

viewed in wireframe mode, footsteps are "hidden", in a manner of speaking. i had wanted to put them on the brick looking stairs.

there's got to be a secret to do this ! !

any and all help would be appreciated.

thanks !
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  1. OK, finally figured it out. it's got to be in "footstep mode", with the footstep icon clicked on.

    but, not in a mode where you're creating new footsteps.

    anyway, therein lies a chance to select footstep objects and then to move them around.

    Max is so cool !!!
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