Antivirus with xp pro 64???

are any antivirus titles out there that are compatible with win xp pro 64-bit?
i have tried norton and mcafee and had bad luck with both. any suggestions would be much appreciated!!! thanks.
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  1. There is an antivirus program called Avast! that has a free 64-bit version. Various reviewers recommend this one for x64.
  2. Even if Norton and McAfee did work, you wouldn't want their bloatware.
  3. Avast! or AVG will work with XP Pro x64.
  4. Quote:
    Avast! or AVG will work with XP Pro x64.

    Last I knew, the free version of AVG did not work on x64. (The retail one does, however.)
  5. nod32 works on x64 - that is wat i used when i had x64
    IMO i would use nod32 coz i think that it is much better than avg or avast or anythin else 4 that matter.
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