Having problems with virtual drives

Here is my system:
Athlon 64 3000+ at 2.2ghz
asrock ULI dual Sata2 mobo
250gb Western Digital Caviar 7200rpm 16mb cache hard drive
1gig OCZ premier ram
400watt fortron sparkle PSU

Problem im having and i tried multiple ways to solve it, but a no go, is that this stupid gosh darn SCSI drivers or watever wont allow me to create virtual drives, because it says something about "cannot stop SCSI/raid drivers right, press ok and try to stop them later" but it always says that, even if it asks me to restart (wich I do) it will not fix the issue. And on top of that, it renders my DVD dual layer burner useless. The DVD burner would not burn afterwards.

Im really starting to hate my god forsaken machine, stupid AMD and Asrock. (hehehe sorry, i had to get that out of my system)

can someone help me out please?

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  1. Here, i hope these 2 pictures help:

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