Bug with G80's.

Look at this. I know not official so I don't want to hear anything about that.
Just for people who are interested.

G80's problems

This would make sense to the problems that I had with Splinter Cell Double Agent. I had complete geometry tearing, which wasn't very nice and am still waiting for a fix that will allow me to play it with it's full graphical potential on my system.
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  1. There's also information at http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=391.

    I hope it's just a joke. April's first.
  2. Thanks
  3. Hi, yesterday was April 1 and this was circulated all over the web !
  4. Sorry guys, I guess this turned out to be an April Fools joke. My bad!
  5. I have contacted xtreview.com support . and still waiting for replay about this issue.
    There is another interesting news there about the G80 IS PROVED TO HAVE 160 STREAM PROCESSORS AFTER ALL , and about the new nvidia driver as secret weapon witch will unlock remaining PROCESSORS 8800Ultra and 8950GX2 Nvidia secret weapon .
    hope that i can get replay soon. since the bug with G80 is pretty wired :? :? :?
  6. Did anyone get past the NVidia lawyer filter? Or does the hidden page even exist?


    EDIT: nvm, found by myself. And I'm not telling you hehehe.
  7. It was just a joke.....
  8. You shouldn't have told everyone! Edit that out already!
  9. Hi I removed the link but I believe this thread should be used as an alert. because there are many people who won't read all messages and don't go to all links related.
    I know this way the joke is not fun but if we can clarify things it would be better to tell the truth right now.
    There are a lot of ATI fans who wants to hear something bad about G80, and then the time they waited for the R600 worth.
    There are a lot of Nvidia users who just see topics and they will be frustraded because they bought a really expensive card with a flaw that doesn't exist.
  10. HAHAHAHA great Joke :roll: NOT :evil:

    8800 owner almost flushed it down the toilet :evil:
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