Windows XP x64 vs. Windows Xp advantages and disadvantages

Im thinking of getting win xp 64 edition. I wonder if its a good idea. IT seems to be seeing as its mad efor 64 bit processors :) BUt what id like to know is if it has alot of bugs, if some things cant run on it, etc.
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  1. Biggest problem is drivers. If your hardware has no 64-bit driver, it will not function under XP-64. I've also heard that some anti-virus software has problems running with it.

    I'd recommend going with a 64-bit build of Linux over XP-64 right now.
  2. I think ur right, linux does sound good
  3. From what Ive heard it runs ok.
    Your performance will increase only slightly, but you have to watch the
    driver issue and the compatability issue.
    So look at what you are going to run on it and check it "all" out.
    All app's, all drivers.
  4. 64bit has yet to be properly implimented. Wait for a better implimentation of x64 Windows before going 64bit to save yourself cash.
  5. He asked for advantages too:

    x64 can pretty much have unlimited ram, versus the 4 gb limit for the 32-bit xp.
  6. sorry
    only 3GB is the limit for 32-bit-xp
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