Does 64bit use more cpu then 32bit

I will be running multi applications (rs bots), right now I am bitting my max ram which is 4gb on my 32bit. I have 8gb's installed tho. So my question is now, if i run these bots will it use more cpu if I run it on 64bit? Im at 40%cpu usage on my 32bit...
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  1. No it doesn't use more cpu I would go for 64 so you can use all of you 8gigs.
  2. 64 bit will utilities the processing capabilities of the system a lot better than 32x do what christop said
  3. oh ok so it will run better. I have a i7 2600k.. :) any ways to improve the cpu usage.. you guys are telling me it wont effect the cpu usage then correct?
  4. Your whole system will run smoother and faster with the 64 bit os because it will be able to use the whole 8 gigs of ram!
  5. Someone told me it would use more cpu, so this isnt true correct. I have 8gb of memory.
  6. It will be smoother, but some apps wont work properly on the 64 bits versions.
    And normally on Win7, ram usage is always high due to shared resources or video card driver memb but it should not affect your processes as you'll be on full 8gb max!
  7. Oh ok, so the cpu wont be affected at all. I am wondering about this because i know the 64 bit takes advantage of the 8gbs, but I dont know if it uses more cpu then others.
  8. i know this, i just dont wan cpu to over load. its at 40% on a 32bit..
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