Seagate vs Samsung (performance)

Am picking up a six pack of 500GB drives right now and noticed an incredible difference on the perfomance charts between the Samsung and most other drives.

Been using Seagate drives forvever. Seagate tells me the performance difference between any of the 500GB 16mb SATA2 drives from their line is negiligible so it isn't much of an issue if they are -9, -10 or ES.

Anyone have much experience with these charts? Is it possible the Samsung operartes about 25% faster acros the board than similar Seagates?
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  1. I personally would stick with the Seagates because of their long warranties. Also, their 7200.10 drives are some of the faster 7200 RPM drives available at the consumer level.

  2. I would have thought that the Seagates would be a bit faster than the Samsungs due to their PR technology.
  3. Seagate offers better performance. Samsung drives are quieter though.

    The Seagate 7200.10 is known for being both fast and noisy. The drive vibrates a lot so you may want to buy some rubber grommets for it.
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