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I bought a system from ABS about 3 and 1/2 years ago. The chip now is an AMD FX-51. I am wondering what can I upgrade the processor to with the MB in the system already (I want the best preformance for the value on this)

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  1. anyone have any suggestions CPU wise what will work?
  2. You could look at the dual-core Italy Opterons. I don't know if they'd work in your board, I just assume so because they're socket 940.
  3. So how would I go about figuring if any of the duel core 940 socket chips would work. I mean, when the board was made, duel cores were not even a wet dream yet.

    I figured there was some sort of inexpensive upgrade but didn't see anything on Newegg.
  4. Can anyone give me an idea where I can and find out whathat, if any AMD chips are useable by my MB. I would really like a little bit of an upgrade before I sell this syste. (To my dad, so I am getting treated fairly on the selling price with upgrades.
  5. I don't know AMD stuff back and front, so just google info about that board to find out. Unfortunately I think it's quite likely that the old SK8N can't support any dual-core CPUs such as the Italy I mentioned before. But it'd be worth it to try to find out.

    So I guess you're pretty much stuck because as far as single cores go, you can't really upgrade from the FX-51. I think you could get another 200MHz from a top dog socket 940 Opteron, but that's not worth buying a new chip for.
  6. I hit the ASUS boards and found out..it's "your stuck time." for me. My sole upgrade path for any increase preformance is the vaunted FX-53..good luck finding one, and get that check book out. I guess I will just wait and be out of luck until the new build's parts are here.
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