Weird problems with Windows Xp Sp2

ASUS A8N SLI Premium Latest Bios 1011
A64 3000+
6800 GS

i have three hard drives :
1 * Hitachi 250 GB Sata 2 on Nvidia Controller
2 * Samsung 80 GB Sata in RAID O on Silicon Controller

1. the problem is when i boot into windows the LAN connection (two small monitors in the taskbar) takes atleast 10 minutes to show !! and theother problem is that until tht two monitors dnt appear i dnt get any reply frm right clicking any of the drives to see their properties and frm My
Computer too, but as soon as the two small monitors come all the properties just pop up.

2. Sometimes suddenly in between Windows shows Write Delayed
Failed Error only on the Raid Drives and i cnt access them afterwards,
restarting solves the problem tho but jst for sumtime.

any help is appreciated,

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  1. is your OS on the 80GB drives or the 250?

    if its on the 80GBs you may have a bad controller card
  2. Are there any drive tests you can run? Last time I got the 'delayed write failure' error balloon was on a failed drive, sorry to say.
  3. the OS is on the hitachi Drive

    before the Write Delayed Failure i can do everythng with the RAID Drives !
    Still y does the LAN Connection Icon take so long to come up
  4. Do you have any mapped drives set in my computer. Windows take a long time to time out looking for mapped drives sometimes. Are you using dhcp or static addresses. Router? cable/dsl or dial-up?
    Take a look at msconfig - startup tab and see whats running. Try unchecking everything and see if problem still exists. If not add back programs untill it reappears, theres the problem program.
  5. hw do i knw if there any mapped drives ??
    my ip address is static, Cable
    only my anitvirus (Avast) and Firewall (Zone Alarm) are in the startup !
  6. Mapped drives should show up in my computer when it finally comes up.

    do you have anything to do with the new ipv6 - new ip addressing?
    I have seen computers that are trying to get the ipv6 address but can't.

    copy and paste an ipconfig /all in here and let us look at your network settings.

    Do you have a network cable in both lan ports? If not disable the unused network port in device manager.
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