*FIXED* Problem connecting 1 IDE HD to promise PRI_RAID...

K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard with bios version 1005.006

Hello, I have 2 IDE hard drives connected on the standard IDE sockets and want to connect a 3rd IDE disk. Is it possible to connect 1 disk to the PRI_RAID socket? I don't want a raid setup.

I plugged the disk into the PRI_RAID socket with the blue end of the cable and the black end into the hard drive. I made it master.

I enabled the promise raid controller in the bios and selected 'onboard ide operate mode'. The other option was 'RAID'.

Upon reboot the boot up time takes a lot longer than usual and sits at the post screen for a long time before it tells me that the disk is connected to the promise raid controller. Then the screen goes blank with a white flashing line at the top left and then windows starts to boot...which also takes longer. What's that all about?

Windows cannot see the hard drive when it is connected via the PRI_RAID socket but can when connected via the standard IDE socket.

In device manager under other devices are 2 raid controllers with an ! next to them. Windows asks to install the new hardware so I select the promise drivers and windows happily installs ONE of them but that one then moves to 'SCSI and RAID controllers' as 'WinXP Promise FastTrack 378 (tm) controller' but it has an ! mark next to it.

The remaining controller under other devices will not install. When I select the driver it tells me 'The specified location does not contain information about your hardware'.

Any ideas? Thank you,
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  1. UPDATE:

    I changed the ide cable and moved the jumper to master from cable select and that fixed the slow boot problem but everything else still remains. Why won't the driver install?

    Does anyone know!?
  2. I fixed it with the help of other forums! Initially I installed the RAID driver, but this is wrong because I don't want to setup RAID so I read that I need to install the SATA IDE driver instead. Thanks to ASUS it's very confusing because I wouldn't have realised that driver needed to be installed for both SATA and IDE drives since it makes it look like it is only for SATA drives.

    Windows now sees my drive but as a SCSI device for some reason. Does that matter?
  3. Windows treats third-party drivers as "SCSI", no problems there.
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