MicroCenter really is a freaking joke!


I just specked out a $1,800.00 server with Micro Center and was told that I am not allowed to buy more than one of any type of hard drive due to flooding in Asia. I called to talk to them and the best I got was we are not a wholesaler. I went to Best Buy and bought all four matching drives for my raid. I will never shop at Micro Center again, nor will my employer. They are rude, incompetent and obviously can't afford to stock hard drives like everyone else.
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  1. microcenter has every right to limit the number of drives you can purchase.

    sometimes this is done when there is a sale and they want to make sure everyone has a fair chance to purchase a drive. sometimes this is done when their is a lack of stock due to a disaster.

    keep in mind that best buys supply chain is much larger than microcenters.


    as for how you feel about microcenter, i'm sure when they said they couldnt sell you multiple drives you were perfectly calm and understanding right? chances are you acted just how you described them.

    microcenter has faults, sure. best buy has faults too. in general though i've had no issues with them. just remember to be reasonable.
  2. ^+1 The flooding has really driven up HDD prices, as well as decreased availability. Microcenter is just being fair to the majority and wants to conserve as many HDDs as possible to sell to other customers. They aren't huge in terms of marketing. I'm sorry to hear that you could not buy all the hardware necessary for your build, but ATM stores need to compromise.
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